Best Function Venue Werribee: Affordable Venue Hire Melbourne

There is no better place to host your event or milestone celebration than at Chirnsides by the River! If you are looking for an affordable function venue hire in Werribee or affordable functions venue hire in Melbourne, then look no further.

Today we will take you on a journey to this Werribee hidden beauty, where events come alive! Chirnsides by the River is a new and sophisticated functions venue facility; located in a peaceful, yet safe, spot just by the Werribee River.

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Chirnsides by the River is surrounded by Werribee Bowling Club and Werribee Outdoor Swimming Pool. A function venue situated right inside the famous Werribee Football Club (VFL). So if you are a footy or sports fan, you will feel at home having your function or event at this venue, with numerous historic trophy’s in the cabinet available to view!

Why Host Your Function or Event With Us?

Affordable events hall hire prices:

Our venue rental pricing is one of the most affordable, not just in Werribee but in Melbourne. It comes with a modern facility and our super-experienced and friendly staff to support you, from the booking of your event to the actual event day!


If you are someone who likes privacy, yet looks forward to a memorable event or celebration, then Chirnsides by the River is the perfect function venue for your next event!


With free parking spaces, and easy access for West Suburban Taxis or other ride-sharing services to drop off and pick-up your guests, Chirnsides by the River is the perfect event venue! Werribee Train Station is only a short 15 minute walk or 4 minute taxi away. 


Only a few minutes walk to Mynt night club or The Park hotel, for the after party.

The Beauty of Werribee:

If you haven’t had the opportunity of appreciating the beauty of Werribee, then here is a function venue in Wyndham that offers you that opportunity. Such as watching the white cockatoo sing till sunset and the rainbow-lorikeet dance all through the lush green trees by the Werribee River which is just behind the venue!

Security & Safety:

Chirnsides by the River is a safe venue to host all your special events or functions. We offer one complimentary event security guard for events held while in the timeframe of 10pm-2am. Our security guard also comes licensed by the Victorian Police, so all your guest can feel safe and at home while here!

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Save Money on Venue Hire

Chirnside by the River offers not just events venue for hire; we also provide a personalised and customised experience for all clients. You can hire the whole venue, or half of the room to save you even more money. Pricing and information can be found on our website quickly!

You can host the following events in Chirnsides by the River:
  • 21st Birthday Venue Hire
  • 30th Birthday Venue Hire
  • Corporate Functions Hire
  • Community Events Venue Hire
  • Sporting Club Venue Hire
  • Private Events Venue Hire
  • 40th, 50th or 60th Birthday Party Venue Hire
  • Funeral Wake Venue Hire
  • Religious Events Venue Hire
  • Ethnic Events Venue Hire
  • Wedding and Engagement Venue Hire

Chirnsides by the River caters for all types functions and event venue hire; feel free to contact us about your upcoming event or function. We offer a private bar, many different menu options to suit the style of your event and we cater for any dietary requirement. 

Function venue hire? Call Chirnsides by the River today; our venue hire prices are affordable, and we offer quality services to all our clients!

Party Venue Hire Melbourne | Party Venue Hire Werribee

Party Venue Hire Melbourne | Party Venue Hire Werribee

Chirnsides by the River is a unique party venue for any party organiser. With free wifi and great food! When searching for venue hire for parties. A party venue hire that is cheap and located in a beautiful, serene location along the Werribee River. Chirnsides by the River is the go-to place for party events hire in Werribee or Melbourne. With modern state of the art venue amenities, it recently opened in April 2018. Perfect for your birthday celebration! Chirnsides by the River is every party organiser's dream party venue in Melbourne. Why we recommend you give this party venue a phone call and book for your next party or event: DANCE FLOOR With a spacious room that can contain 250 guests (cocktail style). That is enough space for any reveller to dance and celebrate the night without getting worried about bumping into other patrons. CAR PARKS & TRANSPORT A function venue with free car parking spaces close by. If you are worried about where guests will park their cars; then stop worrying! With free parking spaces near the party venue and a train station in downtown Werribee. Getting to the party venue or finding a car park nearby is not a problem. SECURITY & SAFETY Chirnsides by the River is a safe venue for parties and patrons. If you require extra security guards, Chirnsides by the River can assist you in contacting security companies in Melbourne, organise the security guards (at client cost) and make sure you don’t go through the hassle of finding party security guard hire.   PRIVATE BAR With lots of beers including craft beer, wines, variety of spirits and other beverages to choose from in the private bar at affordable prices. Chirnsides by the River is every party guests dream for a good night!  VALUE FOR MONEY When it comes to a party and event venue with nice, friendly staff, great food, variety of drinks and affordable venue hire in Melbourne's West you can't beat Chirnsides by the River as the ideal venue to contact. You will get value for your money! For venue hire price and quote, please give us a call or check on our website for room hire rates.

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